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Help us to Grow & Earn Yourself Money. 

Mind My Business is looking to expand. For helping us grow we will reward your loyalty with One4All Gift Vouchers that can be spent in 1000’s of retail outlets around Ireland.

How it Works

Do you have friends & family that could benefit from the Mind My Business bookkeeping service? Simply refer them and when they sign up you will be generously rewarded! By pressing the button below you get our ready-made referral email to send to anyone you think would benefit from our bookkeeping services, and we will ensure you get rewarded for each and every new client you help bring on board. You will receive a €100 Gift Voucher as soon as they become an established* client.

Its how we say… thanks!

We load the amount onto a One4All Card for you and send it straight to you. And that’s how simple it is!

Why should I refer anyone to you?

Well, if you can help improve your friends’ business, everybody wins. You are helping your friend, supporting an emerging Irish Business and in doing so, helping to ensure we grow, stick around forever and improve our service to you and your friends. Sound good? Great, lets get started…

Note that as a result of any referrals you make, we do not store any new data about you,
nor any data about your referral, unless they decide to contact us.
In any event we never share our data with third parties.


Don’t delay: Click the green button above to let your friends know about us.

Contact us to discuss your particular needs or call one of our friendly helpful staff on

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We would be only delighted to help.


* There is no limit to the number of customers you can refer and get rewarded for. However, they must be new clients, not previously referred to us and by “established” we mean once MMB has received full payment for first 3 invoices. You can view Full Terms of Service below.

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