Easy Task Management and Workflow

Mind My Business has your small business needs covered. Juggling all your tasks while growing your start-up has never been easier. You can time-record, plan, manage, analyse, schedule, update and assign projects, meetings, calls, emails and more… make the smart choice and organise all your company’s tasks in one place.

Task Management and Workflow

Work smarter by organising your administrative workflow. Organise all your transactions in one place and remain up to date with your outstanding bills and paperwork.

Create Projects

Create and monitor multiple projects

Assign project manager and attach to a client

Define Deliverables

Use Cases to create and share deliverables or tickets

Track history and work for each Case

Schedule Tasks

Create, assign & schedule tasks and actions for your team

Track progress and effort for each task using workflow buttons

Record Time

Record time spent by any or all of project, case, task, client, team member

Record automatically from task workflow or manually


Use dashboards and reports to analyse progress and effort on projects, cases and tasks

Perform financial analysis by client and/or project

Get paid

Create and send invoices directly from Mind My Business

Fully integrated into bookkeeping module

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