Bookkeeping Service

For those of you who would prefer to have your bookkeeping done for you, we provide a bookkeeping service for Irish Businesses, no matter what size. This includes entering of invoices, calculation of payroll, filing of all VAT returns, regular bank account reconciliation, employee expenses, liaising with your accountants for their preparation and filing of year end accounts and tax returns. We do this in the Mind My Business cloud app. Clients can have full access to all of our work where they have signed up for the MMB app.

  • Entering of opening balances
  • Entering and sending of sales invoices, if required
  • Entering of purchase invoices
  • Employee expenses
  • Recording payments
  • Reconciling bank statement
  • Regular VAT3 and VIES returns
  • Payroll filings
  • VAT RTD at year end
  • Provide year end reports to your accountant

We share all electronic documents with you in a OneDrive, GDrive or DropBox account. As it is your data and you need to control who can see and use that data, this account would be provided by you and you would give us access to it.  We will guide you in setting up this and anything else required, however by owning the accounts yourself, it means that at any time you can take over their management yourself and are not “locked in” to our service.

For some small businesses, start ups and sole traders, your time may be better spent elsewhere: i.e. growing your business.

Ask yourself 2 questions.

1. Am I able to do my own books? If the answer is yes then our app provides a very efficient, affordable cloud based solution. If not, then don’t be afraid to outsource. We can’t all be experts at everything so trusting that important part of your business to Mind My Business’ experienced Irish Bookkeepers could be a very smart move for you.

2. Where am I most profitable? You are the single most valuable asset your company has. Your most valuable asset is time. Use yourself wisely. If bookkeeping is taking up time that yields a better return elsewhere, then you should free up that time by hiring a bookkeeper.

We will even offer you the best of both Worlds: Why not let Mind My Business get your Bookkeeping up to speed for an initial time period (Whatever suits you: 3, 6, 9 or 12 months+) then you can take over the use of the app at any time with it all already configured and up to date!


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