Bookkeeping Software Made Easy

Do you run a small business? Spend less time managing your business and more time growing it! We offer easy bookkeeping packages for small businesses in Ireland.  No nonsense pricing: Full package for Just €19.99 per user monthly +VAT

Bookkeeping Made Easy

As an Irish company with a certified bookkeeper at the helm, our cloud software has been designed with your own bookkeeping needs in mind. It has never been easier to manage the books of small Irish businesses. Simply sign up and get started today.


New company? Unfamiliar with bookkeeping? We are on hand to guide you through the process with online demonstrations from a real person in Ireland offering the best of customer support. Sign up to avail of unlimited transactions and all the following features…


Raise invoices quickly and easily.

Customisable invoice template.

Send invoices in Irish or English language

Cash and Bank Accounts

Track money received and spent by your business.

Reconcile bank account and credit card statements.

Automate entry of regular recurring payments

Financial Overviews

Log-in from anywhere to view up-to-date financials.

Analyse Invoices and outstanding payments.

View Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet analysis onscreen.


Record data from your payroll program.

Analyse gross, net and taxes.

Record payments to staff.

VAT Reports

Automatically create VAT reports.

Transfer data to Revenue Online.

Record payments to/from Revenue.


Use dashboards to view all your bank balances, invoices, bills and expense claims at a glance.

Ask us to create additional dashboards to your liking.

Bookkeeping Service.

Mind My Business also offer in addition to our Software, a full bookkeeping service. Need a bookkeeper?  Click here for info

Beginner Bookkeeping Tips from Mind My Business

Starting up a new business usually means being pulled in various directions and having to turn your hand to lots of new things. Here are our best tips for small businesses and sole traders in Ireland to get up to speed quickly with Bookkeeping. 1.Stay on top of your finances. It may sound simple but […]

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