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Philipp Matuschka, Founder

I founded Mind My Business in 2015 to address what I saw as a significant gap in the market for integrated software serving small businesses in Ireland. While I had worked in businesses of all sizes during a career spanning 30 years, that included consulting and operational leadership roles in the financial services sector, it was my work for a variety of Irish, US and European start-ups that led me to develop the solution that was to become Mind My Business.

I learned, from talking to clients and from personal experience, to understand the most important challenges that small business owners face each week. In addition to witnessing the passion and determination to win new customers for their service or product, the overwhelmingly common frustration was the amount of time they spent on administration, finances and payments. Without exception they were all experts in their own field of work but were deeply uncomfortable and ill at ease with the many administrative tasks they had to complete. Inevitably this work tended to get done at home at night or at weekends, eating into precious family or leisure time.

While there were a number of cloud – based solutions available for bookkeeping, contact management, task planning or the other common tasks at a start-up, none provided a single integrated solution at a single price that was affordable for smaller businesses and start-ups. Mind My Business was designed to meet these requirements.

The integrated solution in Mind My Business allows business owners manage a variety of tasks for their business from one place and enter data only once, spending less time on paperwork and more time on the work they enjoy. As a subscriber to Mind My Business you will benefit from all future development and enhancements to our product. We welcome feedback from all our subscribers on what new or future needs we can help you with.

This cloud-based software can of course be accessed wherever you are, at home, at work or on the go, on a PC, laptop, tablet or on your phone.  I’m delighted to offer new customers a free 30 day no commitment trial so that you can see for yourself how Mind My Business can help your business grow.

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